My Asbury Park is an Instagram account that was inspired by the very different quadrants of the City. Having taken photographs in each of them, I realized that someone living in one could be living a completely different life from another just on the opposite side. It will forever amaze me that no matter how many photos are taken... they are all different and unique but yet from the same place. 

My Asbury Park is a way for local Instagram users to show what their version of Asbury Park is. From well known spots and eateries to hidden treasures, each user takes us on a new ride, one day and one snapshot at a time. 

Once their day is over, My Asbury Park follows the user on their personal account. Whether they live or just love here, everyone has their version of My Asbury Park

Interested in taking over for the day? Fill out the form and be sure to include your user name to be contacted. 

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