TBT: Home Is Where The Sea Is

"I think there is a certain uneasiness about bringing someone home for the first time. And when your home isn't defined by four walls and a mailbox, you hope that all of your articulation of such place wasn't just an exaggeration of your heart. I'll never forget the night that I brought my husband home. It felt like I was bringing him to see Great Grandma Wendy, high above of a spiraled staircase, in her fine jewels. The night air was cool and unusual for a simple summer evening. Upon entering the city, we were greeted by small businesses disguised in yesteryear's glory and despair as my heart pounded with excitement and slight anxiety. Those swirling thoughts, bouncing somewhere between "what is he thinking" and "this was a mistake," tossed themselves around my skull as his eyes took in everything that my place had to offer. The freaks with their flags high above for all to see.. the lady men in designer deals... the hustlers trying to fly under the radar.. the inked up wannabe pin ups.. the day-drunk 40 something's trying to push their limits into the night. The families fulfilling pint-sized requests for the evening: more sand and even more ice cream... The no name band loading their gear into someone's Mom's van at the Pony... The joggers chasing their next best time... Those hopeful, open empty guitar cases, inviting any loose change... The surfers wandering to kill time until daybreak... all litter the Asbury Park Boardwalk in this flowing circus-like snow globe, each walk of life different from the next. We had gone out onto the jetty and just laid under the stars for hours; from a distant fireworks' finale and until the faint sounds of sporadic laughter and drunken squeals from the boardwalk had completely faded. Maybe it's not everyone's cup of tea but I think it's rare to have a true happy place within reach, let alone someone else who sees the same magic that you do, in your city by the sea. I don't know what label we'd fall under but that's the best part of the place. It's acceptance of who you are, gay-straight-rich-poor-broken-torn-misunderstood-going through a crisis... Whatever you can imagine and whoever you may be.... She's always there for you and no one looks at you otherwise."