TBT: Between Climbing Walls & Waves

The day we chose to live our dreams, our backdrop of choice was clear. We chose to only believe in ourselves and in this city nestled by the sea, laying all of our hopes between it's climbing walls and waves, watching them come to life in slow motion just as we had imagined for so many days and nights before. We were awarded no favors, no merits for trying, no guarantees. They say "if" is the only guarantee that you do get in life. If by chance, if by choice and so on. But I think if by sea, we create this life together, he my pirate to my silly hopeless mermaid, complete with our very own Villa Villekulla, four-legged Mr. Nielsons in tow and our child on the way, we'll never regret the leap into the giant IF in life. The city will provide as the sea will appease to which what we all need.

Originally posted on the morning of our big move, I found my mind still fixed on the night before, images of creamsicle colored skies and a glimpse of our new life. Our current tiny one had been piled and labeled in boxes for the better part of the previous two weeks and my very tired and very pregnant brain was over-analyzing our decision. It would be the last morning that I would wake with views of a yard that I had known for the last six and half years that I never appreciated until I was saying "goodbye." Part of me in that moment felt like I needed to pep myself up, another already excited with anticipation... but mostly reassuring myself that we had made the right decision.