TBT: I'm Okay Not Being A Whole-Hearted Traveler

I'm okay with not being a whole-hearted traveler. I always love seeing new places and meeting new people, but my center, my core will always be at home in Asbury Park. When I'm away, I long for sunrises in salty air. I miss the train, howling at all hours of the day and night, slicing through the city almost directly in half. I miss the canvas of the city; the hustlers keeping the bus stop company, the people playing hooky from real life, trampling down Cookman Avenue. I miss the sun making it's escape into and beyond Ocean Grove. I miss the sound of the evening turning into night, glasses clinking all over the city. Maybe it's not meant to be illustrated for everyone to understand... Maybe it's just a blind, undying love for 1.4 miles. It's never a knock on anywhere else or anyone or to even compare... But no matter how far I go, I'll always look forward to my return. It's then that I get to fall in love all over again.