TBT: Once You've Felt It, You'll Always Keep Chasing It

 It had been a very, very long time since I had been completely alone on the boardwalk. No cars, no foot traffic, no laughter, no jam bands, no peddlers, no bikes, no dogs, no skateboards, no drunks, no bullshit wannabe tour guides trying to show off their 1970s and 80s slightly exaggerated memories, no hustlers, no wine connoisseurs... nothing but the waves crashing and me. And it had been the first time in a very, very long time that I had felt such a shiver down my spine that made my stomach turn as when I stuck my hand into the gate to snap a pic from within the carousel... And it was that same feeling I had so many years ago, that electric jolt of ice down my spine with a breath of yesteryear dancing across my neck that has kept me hooked on my city by the sea. There might not be the old Palace Amusements to explore or some of the hotels to hope and pray out loud to God that I don't fall through the floor in anymore... But once you've felt it, you'll always keep chasing it. Nothing that man can duplicate, nothing that can can be contained or described definitively. It's that moment. It's that glimpse and glimmer. It's that breath that just can't catch. It's found in those seconds that you stay long enough to wonder how much more of it can you take before you totally bolt. Just keep it weird, keep it strange Asbury, you glorious monster's jewel.