TBT: On The Right Path All Along

At Sunday dinner last week, my mom was telling company some stories from my past and acknowledging something that I've always said since I found out I was pregnant with a little girl: My husband and I are in for it. Everyone laughed at the idea of me purposely in Sandy's waters up until the very last second possible (getting thrown pretty hard for a third time is kinda like God putting their hand on your shoulder and saying, "hey, it's time to get out" ) and sitting at that very dining room table, upset that I had leave the city. No one really knew what was coming or what kind of devastation it would cause.. Truthfully? I laughed at the warnings myself, stocked dog food and bought a bottle of wine, completely unprepared for two weeks of no electricity, heat or hot water. But sitting in on the council meeting last night just reminded me of how far Asbury Park has come and yet how far it needs to go. I'm pretty excited about the future for many reasons and things we have in the works.. But sometimes it's just good to feel and know that you're on the right path and have been all along.

Originally posted 7/2014